Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get to Know Me

I am yellow.

This means (that the personal profile my work printed out for me is incredibly accurate):

-My home will be a haven for people to have a good time. (I hope this is true. I always want you over. Come over.)
-I constantly seek environments where people will appreciate me. (and get the hell out of environments where they don't).
-I am motivated by approval.
-I react unfavorably to indifference or rejection from others. (I take conflict & rejection very personally)
-a quote: "Kelsey has an uncanny skill for making life into an enjoyable performance, juggling many activities and people and usually enjoying the limelight." (I will admit, I do want your attention).
-and then... "She may become possessive of people in whom she has invested a lot of her emotional energy (so watch your back, bitches.)
-I may assume I can talk my way around anybody. (But can I really?)
- "Looking for perfection in a relationship can result in her sensing a vague dissatisfaction with the reality of the way things are." (How do they know me so well...?)

[Decision Making]
-"Kelsey will go to great lengths to ensure the preservation of relationships. She is likely to decide in favor of the solution that brings the highest level of approval from others. (But I've realized, its only the approval of people that I like that I care about... I should probably work on that).
-I may UNCONSCIOUSLY manipulate the process to get my own way. (Key word UNCONSCIOUSLY)
-"Her slogan might be 'Act now pay later'

[Possible Blind Spots]
-"Highly vulnerable to idealizing relationships, she tends to overlook facts that contradict what she wants to believe."  (For example, this one. I don't want to believe this. Boo.)
-"Kelsey would do well to take a step back and try to see a situation more objectively before reacting." (Okay, I'll do my best.)
-May be seen by others as shallow or superficial due in part to her glib way with words and her orientation with the future. (Love me, love me)

I just want you to love me.