Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cinco

The Cinco involves having 5 main crushes at any given time:
I propose:
1. The Ward Crush
2. The Work Crush
3. The School Crush
4. The Facebook Crush
5. The Olive Garden Boy Crush (Can also be Spoon Me Boy Crush, Macey's Cashier Boy Crush etc, you get the idea)

You can have any other random crush in any place you frequent, maybe Gold's Gym Treadmill Boy Crush or whatever.

This way, you don't accidentally obsess too much over one boy. And if School Crush rejects you, you can move along to Work Crush or any of the others. Slowly you can replace School Crush for when this may happen again. You get the idea?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The facebook phenomenon: Bra Color Status

I had received the invitation to change my status to my bra color 3 times before I actually did it, but the real reasons I caved were:

1. One friends status was: "LADIES... NO ONE CARES WHAT COLOR YOUR BRA IS!!! This information shows NOTHING about your support of cancer research... pay money to American Cancer Society if you want to support breast cancer research!"

This particular status update sparked 33!! comments ranging from outrage to sarcastic to humorous. My personal choice of response was, "hey, you aren't supposed to tell the boys"
This friends status actually pissed me off, mostly because I hate when people over react that like. Whats it to her if everyone's status is a color? Its not actually hurting anything. In fact, it might actually spark people's minds on the topic of breast cancer research! It actually did to me. When I am no longer a college student, and am in a position to donate funds to charitable causes, I plan to. Nothing and no one is hurting from seeing black, red, pink or white as someone's status. This is the first reason I changed my own to "red".

2. The more shallow reason: Everyone was doing it! On my home page there were tons of girl facebook friends updating with colors. I thought, what harm could it do? If enough girls decide to do it, the chances are at least a few people who had not even had a thought about breast cancer, would think about it! Maybe even donate if they could.

So I did. Did you?

Some people took a different outlook than I did about the color status phenomenon:


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Most Influential

For a class, I am supposed to read a biography or an autobiography of basically anyone I want. Obviously, I want to read about someone who had an interesting and influential life. I googled "most influential people" and came up with the 2009 Times 100.


First of all, of the 100 people, I recognize only 23 names. Most of which are from the "Artists and Entertainers" and "Heroes and Icons" lists. What does this say about me?

Anyway, I wasn't very happy about that, so I am going to try harder to gain knowledge about what is going on in the world outside of the entertainment industry and the Provo bubble. That is [one of] my New Years Resolution[s]! Maybe as a good starting point, I will choose to read a biography about someone who I didn't know about until I looked at this list.