Sunday, November 22, 2009

Postcards from Buster: Lesbians

After hearing about this in class, it really struck a nerve. I decided to find what I could about the episode online. I have to say: I very strongly disagree with the decision to ban the episode from airing.
1. They never say the word "lesbian" or "homosexual" during the episode, nor do they depict any sexual content.
2. The fact that there are lesbians on the show is NOT the emphasis- the children are! Buster meets the children and comments, "That's a lot of moms!"; one girl mentions her "mom and stepmom," adding that she loves her stepmother very much, and no other comments are made about the couples.
3. Lesbians are in the world, in nearly every city that anyone's children could live in. Banning lesbians from being portrayed in a positive, clean way on children's television is not the same as banning sexual content or innapropriate language, or violence. For young children, the small comment made about the 2 moms will likely go over their head, and for those who do catch on and possibly ask their parents about it, well they are certainly going to notice 2 women or men holding hands in the mall or anywhere else public. Its time for these parents to address it and give their opinion.
I know some people would, but I would not ban my children from being friends with someone who had homosexual parents. It doesn't mean they will be going on about their sex life with the children. Do straight couples do that? No. Lesbians most likely aren't going to do that either. Why can't buster go visit his friends with lesbian parents? Because that is who the emphasis is on- the kids.
To further my frustration right now, BYU has blocked many of the articles on this episode.
I am sure many of you will disagree with me, so feel free to post comments, but remember to be nice! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farmville Rap (youtube sensation?)

So, I mentioned this video in class when we talked about youtube. These kids made this rap, and now everyone around Helaman has seen it and knows them. I have to admit, I would feel pretty cool if it was me, too.

So, after I posted a video that I put on youtube. . . . My own shameless attempt to be cool. Not really, my co-workers and I were bored at work one day. No judging please! :)

And now "Boom Boom Pow" Toilet Scene

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

High School Musical! (3)

What attracts people to this movie?
1. Catchy music
2. Zac Efron
3. Coregraphed group dances
4. Romance
5. Wardrobe

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IMDB/Celeb Infatuation

I use this site so often! I am kind of a celebrity stalker, so I have to know who the actors in the movies are and what other movies they have been in, and what movies they are working on. I don't know why celebrities are so fascinating to me, but they really are. A highlight of the past year was going to Sundance Film Festival, not to watch the films, but to look for/meet/talk to/take pictures of celebrities! When I saw them I was honestly so excited, because I watch so many movies and shows, and read so many magazine articles about them that I felt like I sort of knew them. Some of you will probably think I am pathetic for this, but I am going back to Sundance this year and I cannot wait. Also, I am going to meet Laurant and Caius from New Moon in 2 weeks! Yay! Thank you media for introducing me to all of these people that I will likely never meet. Thanks to the media for publicizing these people's lives for my enjoyment! (By the way, I saw some awesome, awesome people at Sundance last year).

Here is the list:





ALSO (but no pictures, sadly enough)
Liam Neeson
Jim Carey
Elijah Wood
Christian Thompson (from The Devil Wears Prada)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sex in the Media

In Gossip Girl, the sexual messages portrayed were mostly how sex is a way to prove you care about someone, and to prove your relationship is legitimate. Two characters had been dating for 2 weeks, and it was decided they should have sex in order to be a “real” couple. I think the message here was have sex if you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be committed to you. Another topic that came up was sexual experience. Some characters on the show were concerned they were not experienced enough and felt awkward having sex with other characters that were. I think this was sending a message that you should try to get a lot of sexual experience so that you won’t feel awkward with future partners.

On The Office, I only saw one sexual message in this past week’s episode.

I think that the message portrayed was that random sex can be funny. Also, that people are proud of having sex with several people, and sometimes even people they barely know, and that they will get attention for this kind of sexual activity.

In Glee this week, the sexual messages that were portrayed were that older people having sex was gross, and that having sex makes you happy, and if you aren’t having sex, you can’t be very happy. The characters were depressed when they weren’t in a relationship, and doubted their self-worth and qualities. I didn’t think this was a good message, because it made it seem like you could only be defined as popular, or even of worth, if you had a sexual partner that everyone else knew about, too.