Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Office

DISCLAIMER: If you have not seen it, this will spoil the latest episode of The Office for you!!! :)

So, The Office.

I used to be anti-the office, and then I started secretly watching the past seasons on DVD. And I loved it so much! Its hilarious, and I feel like I can identify people I know in all of the characters. So, sixth season is the first season I have been watching as it is aired, and I actually don't think its even half as funny as the others. However, the latest episode was Jim & Pam's wedding and I was so excited! It was so cute, and I thought it was hilarious how they danced down the aisle to "Forever" just like the youtube video. The thing is, I didn't actually think that video was funny in real life, but having the media mock it was so hilarious. Weird how that works. Just how if Michael was in my real life, I would surely hate my life and absolutely never laugh when he did all of the stupid things he does. But again, when the show makes fun of the annoying habits people have, we laugh at them. A lot.
I am an RA, and we have to plan our activities around The Office. Otherwise no one will come. I just wonder how a show can have that much influence on so many people. Do we like seeing our lives made fun of? I think yes, yes we do.

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  1. I agree that this season isn't all that impressive. It's getting more risque and the situations are more uncomfortable than funny. But I LOVED the wedding episode. Pam and Jim are so cute together! I want a relationship like that.