Monday, November 2, 2009

Sex in the Media

In Gossip Girl, the sexual messages portrayed were mostly how sex is a way to prove you care about someone, and to prove your relationship is legitimate. Two characters had been dating for 2 weeks, and it was decided they should have sex in order to be a “real” couple. I think the message here was have sex if you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be committed to you. Another topic that came up was sexual experience. Some characters on the show were concerned they were not experienced enough and felt awkward having sex with other characters that were. I think this was sending a message that you should try to get a lot of sexual experience so that you won’t feel awkward with future partners.

On The Office, I only saw one sexual message in this past week’s episode.

I think that the message portrayed was that random sex can be funny. Also, that people are proud of having sex with several people, and sometimes even people they barely know, and that they will get attention for this kind of sexual activity.

In Glee this week, the sexual messages that were portrayed were that older people having sex was gross, and that having sex makes you happy, and if you aren’t having sex, you can’t be very happy. The characters were depressed when they weren’t in a relationship, and doubted their self-worth and qualities. I didn’t think this was a good message, because it made it seem like you could only be defined as popular, or even of worth, if you had a sexual partner that everyone else knew about, too.


  1. There's much more to life than sex. Media is stupid.

  2. Man, so my roommates are really into gossip girl and so i've seen a couple episodes's pretty crazy some of the sexual stuff that they'll throw in there. A couple episodes ago there was totally a three-way. Cray to think they can depict that kind of stuff on teen shows these days. Ugh, way to spoil some otherwise good entertainment!