Monday, April 19, 2010


I love my brother and sister!!!

My dad named his shop P.K.E. after us (Parish, Kelsey, Emily). Don't ask why I'm not first. I'm the oldest, I should be.

I like to think we are really close, and we have been through a lot together. Our parents are a little crazy ;)

Parish thought I dedicated a blog to them a while back, but really I was just publicizing for my blog, so I decided now would be a good time to tell them I love them.

Its going to be weird when Parish leaves on his mission (June 30th: Oklahoma City, Spanish speaking!!!!) I hope he writes me, but I have my doubts.

My family plus uncle Jim & aunt Tracie at Parish's graduation. Parish loves to quote Harry Potter: "Maybe if the fat lump would have given this a squeeze, he would have remembered to fall on his fat ass!" (please say this in a British accent)
My sista Emily & I a couple years ago. She is BEAUTIFUL! She also LOVES rap music, and she can sign (language) to it. Its so impressive.
Aw, weren't we cute back then? This is my favorite picture of us as small children.
Camping at a family reunion. I HATE camping, but I love my family. This is our cute cousin Abi. Parish is wearing his Harry & The Potter's T-Shirt, which is awesome. We went to that concert together. I have a shirt that says "Save Ginny" and it has a picture of a Basilisk.
Christmas this year. We get pajamas every year on Christmas Eve.
Parish came to BYU this year and it has been super fun (hopefully he agrees). This is us at a football game, NOT in the student section, which we secretly loved.
Dinner before Parish's graduation. Parish rarely smiles normally.
Me, Emily and Abi on family picture day. This was the day my dad grabbed my mom's boob during a family picture. My parents are ridiculous.
Me and fat Parish. He was so large, and so cute.
We love the Celtics! This was at the Celtics vs. Jazz game, and they lost. :( boo.
Cousins with Grampa McCombs.
Last Christmas with our cousin Sara and Maddie. Sara baby-sat us A LOT growing up and we love her like a sister.
Christmas break this year! 4-wheeling. Our dad is so awesome for taking us out, cause I wanted to so badly! We saw 5 moose!
Thanksgiving last year.
Playing Pretty Pretty Princess with our awesome aunt Kriste. Parish is the winner! So cute! haha


  1. I love the Pretty Pretty Princess picture! Adorable! Don't you love siblings? They keep us sane when our parents go insane. It is so convenient :)

  2. My sister lives in Oklahoma City now. That's so fun that he's going there on his mission!

  3. I love the picture of you with "fat Parish". Presh! <3