Monday, February 22, 2010


Jake Pavelka!

After Harris (some chick from an earlier season) rejected Pavelka, scores of other American women sent in love notes to ABC saying that they wanted to divorce their husbands and would give away their children and/or toy dogs just for a chance to dress up in a discounted pageant gown and drink champagne with him. Pavelka is classically cute, he’s got a symmetrical face with dimples, blue eyes, blond hair, and a buff bod. Thankfully for ABC he also has the ability to rattle off romance cliches at a breathtaking pace without once cracking a smile. A gem from a previous episode: “Love’s more powerful than flying.”
I don't care for Jake. He is a ridiculous person, and way too sensitive for a guy who is willing to find "love" on national television. He should probably have known that he would be meeting crazy slut's like Vienna, Ali and Michelle. (and more).
Tonight was the "Women Tell ALL" and here are some observations/things I learned:
1. Ashley H. PURPOSEFULLY fell down. What an idiot.

2. Rozlyn looks like Hilary Duff.

3. Vienna needs to get some different eyeshadow. Gray smeared all around her eyes is disgusting.
4. Love will not be found on television.

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