Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Racy" Scotty Lago Pics

So, the snowboarder Scotty Lago from the USA left Vancouver after some inappropriate photos of Scotty, wearing a Team USA T-shirt, and his medal surfaced.

"There are better ways to celebrate than just drinking and having idiotic pictures along with women, but Scotty needs to learn some manners. The Olympian Scotty was participating in the Olympics in Vancouver. After winning his Bronze medal he started to party in his own style. The player got some photographs along with a woman who bit her medal and in another picture she was kissing his medal when it was placed on his pants close to his penis"

I feel like these photos are ridiculous and nothing scandalous is actually going on. How do you feel? Is is worse because he is representing the USA? What about all those slutty celebs from the USA?

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