Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ridiculous Rap Lyrics

I secretly (or not so secretly) want to be a rapper. I already have 2 potential names: K-Phizz or K-Frenzy. Rappers can say completely ridiculous things and get away with it. MOST ridiculous in my opinion?

1. "Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock" -Young Money/Lil' Wayne, Bedrock

2. "How it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine?" -Kanye West, Swagga Like Us

3. "Call me George Foreman cuz I'm selling everybody grillz" -Nelly, Grillz

4. "Baby, you're looking fine, I'll have you open all night like an Ihop" -Timbaland/JT, Carry Out

5. "My name ain't Bic, but I keep that flame" -Lil' Wayne, A Milli

6. "Take it off, let it flop, shake it freely" -Bubba Sparxxx, Ms. New Booty

7. "I'm Santa Claus, didn't you hear? Tell Johnny Saint Dick what you want this year" -Ying Yang Twins, Drop

8. "Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake em. I ain't got none, but I'm planning on growing some" -E-40, Tell Me When To Go

9. "Got a Bill in my mouth like I'm Hilary Rodham" -Grillz, Nelly

10. "She walkin' around lookin' like Michael with ya money. Shoulda' got that insured, GEICO for ya money" -Kanye West, Gold Digger.


  1. hahaha yeah they do. I mean, seriously, like what are they thinking?

  2. Love Love Love this post! haha. All the good times we have laughing over rapp lyrics.
    Glad you quoted "Grillz" song which is one my absolute favs!

    The following may not be the most ridiculous but ones that stand out in my head because they crack me up or make me shake my head.

    "Incredible Sex" - P. Diddy in Get Buck in Here

    "She cook she clean, neva smell like onion rings" - Webbie in Independent

    "She dumps like a truck truck truck. Thighs like what what what. All night long. Let me see that thong" - SISQO in the Thong Song

    "Boyz from the hood call me 'black Donald Trump" - Yung Joc in It's Goin' Down

    "You could be my Bonnie, I could be your Clyde, you could be my wife, text me call me" - Soulja Boy in Kiss me Thru the Phone

    "The top of your booty jiggling out your jeans,
    Baby pull your pants up" - Ludacris in How Low

    I know there are more ... I only wish I could remember them right now. hahhahaha

  3. haha thank you for those additions Jess. Especially the onion ring one. How could I forget?

  4. hahahhahaha this is awesome. kelsey please become a rapper