Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron's Big Decision

If you know anything about the NBA, you know that LeBron James has a big decision to make. Lets face it, people are going to be pissed no matter what he decides.

Cleveland? Miami? Oh LeBron, what will it be?

James will announce his decision on where he will sign tomorrow night live on ESPN in a one-hour special beginning at 9 p.m.

Here's what Cav's fans have to say about it:
"It's stuff like this that kind of makes you root for LeBron to never win a
championship. You are not bigger than the game. Just hold a normal
press confrence."

"If he stays, he'll own the city forever. If he goes, he's really a fool.
He has a chance to do something so special in C-town and be enshrined
forever as the greatest athlete ever to play here."

"However this turns out, the backlash against LeBron will be deafening.
If he stays in Cleveland, the rest of America will wonder what the devil
was all this for. If he leaves, Ohioans will feel betrayed. He has now
put himself in a no-win situation. I thought LeBron was smarter than

I hate LeBron. But here's some more big news: He got a twitter account! Follow him @kingjames. His Bio? "King of Akron" GAG.

Not only that, but LeBron James is a trending topic on twitter. Here's a biased sampling for you:

Whitlock2Jason: "Did Jordan ever call himself "Air Jordan" or did he allow us 2 call him Air? LeBron calling himself King James is a joke. We created monster."

uzkhan1: "There are no Cleveland fans, just Lebron James fans. And those fans will hop on any wagon he rides!"

MrMichael_Smith: "If LeBron moves into Wade's house he should no longer be called King James. He should renounce his thrown, like Akeem in the subway in CTA."

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  1. he's such a jerk. hate him almost as much as you hate the lakers.