Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why You Should Help The Homeless

I'm not a saint. I don't volunteer very often, or ever unless it's for a class. But I decided my very small contribution to society would be through a box of granola bars. I bought a box and kept them in my car and would offer them to the homeless who held cardboard signs on the side of the road. It's the least I could do, and I never have cash. Besides, we always hear the "they are probably buying drugs or alcohol with that money" excuse. A granola bar CANNOT be used to buy drugs, to my knowledge.

Anyway, whatever. The other day I went to the Barnes and Noble and there was a man on the corner of the parking lot. Down to my last 2 granola bars, I parked my car and walked up to him. I offered him a bar, and he took it and cheerfully thanked me. From this little interaction, I could tell he was mentally handicapped, and my heart went out to him. I gave him the 2nd bar. Then, I went into the cafe and started working on a book review I had overdue. About 20 minutes later, I am absorbed in my review and I hear the mans voice, literally screaming, "IT'S YOU AGAIN. YOU'RE MY GIRL. MY NICE GIRL." Everyone in the cafe is frozen and probably terrified as the man walks up to me and pats my head 3 times. He then screams "YOU ARE MY NICE GIRL" again and walks out.

I was so completely happy. Help the homeless, for so many reasons. 

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  1. Such a good idea! I am going to start doing this