Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't be without the MEDIA!

I believe we are developing a kind of ADD in our culture. I can't live without the media. I can't just sit there and think. Even if I try to sit there, and just ponder, I always have to turn on some music, or read a book or magazine, or check my facebook, or pop in a movie. Its ridiculous! These days, we never have to be without media. When I walk to class, I listen to my iPod. Yesterday, I realized the battery was dead, and I was thinking, how I am going to manage going the entire day just me and my thoughts?!?! However, several things happened: I walked to class with another actual human being, which never happens, even though I probably see a ton of people I could walk with. They probably don't try to talk to me when they see I have my iPod in. Understandable. Also, I noticed things around me. Like trees and posters. I never see them. It was a good day. Today I had my iPod again, but when I saw someone I knew ahead of me, I turned it off and called their name to walk with them. :)


  1. I totally agree with you, it's very hard to live without the media! I listen to music when I'm walking to school, in the car, just chillin' in my room, and even when I'm doing my homework. The internet, of course, I spend hours on as well. Thanks for your positive outlook on the good life without your iPod plugged in!

  2. This reminds me of an experience I had the other day. I was walking on campus with my ipod in (as usual) when this random kid in a bright orange shirt came up creepily besides me and he says to me "What is your opinion on the Hinkley building?" and I turn and look at him like he is crazy, because I don't know him and he was trying to have a conversation with me even though I had my headphones in. My answer was "its very square" and he continued to talk to me about how he enjoys the architecture inside and not the outside, which is too plain for him. Oddly enough as this weird conversation was going on another kid in a different orange shirt came by and joined in and they walked off together talking about their favorite buildings on campus. What I'm getting at here, is that I think that was either a very strange occurence in my life, or I was actually part of some social experimentation. Either way I think this just shows how people these days rely on media and technology to occupy their time and their thoughts rather than relying on people and social interactions to engage our minds. Its a rather interesting concept. We should do our own experimentation.