Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Harry Potter Means to Me

My blog title is a quote from Arthur Weasley, a Harry Potter character. My picture is from a game of Quidditch I played with friends and family this summer. Thats right, Quidditch. The wizarding sport. This was right before I went to go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Midnight the night it came out. I have read the first 4 HP books at least ten times, and the last 3 at least twice. Movies, same thing. I love Harry Potter, I love Hogwarts, I am obsessed with the wizarding world!

Harry Potter has become a part of my world. I feel like I know the characters. Lame? Maybe, but true. I can use words like Quidditch, Dementor, Muggle and Death Eater in my everyday conversations with (most) people and they know exactly what I am talking about. Is this a good thing? Maybe since its books, and reading is a good thing, this HP obsession is okay. But what about those people who have only watched the movies? Well, besides the fact that they aren't "true fans", is it okay for them to be so involved in watching and talking about and be attached to movie characters? Why is it that reading is educational but movies rarely are? And are books like HP considered educational, or just purely for entertainment?
Either way, I still really love Harry and his friends and I cannot wait for the seventh movie!!! HP for life!!


  1. I think learning about the world and about uplifting values can be learned from many types of media. I hope through reading Harry Potter, I've learned to be a better friend and about sacrifices and love. Those are things we can learn through movies as well though. Books are definitely thought of as more educational or classy than movies, but I'm not sure why yet--or if there is a right or wrong answer for that.

  2. I think I love that Harry Potter is the shiz no matter what.
    I love that Alohomora video. Hilarious "You're a wizard Harry"

  3. I am such a Harry Potter geek, it's crazy! I love that you played Quidditch!

  4. I'm not such a fan of the movies, but i LOVE the books and I am not ashamed. I think J.K. Rowling is a brilliant writer. Have you ever listened to the books on tape/cd. They're pretty fun too for car trips or as I'm going to sleep. So yeah, you're not alone. I will love these books even when I have dentures and pink hair.