Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cougar Town

Cougar Town is the funniest show in the world. I have compiled what I believe to be the most hilarious quotes from the show. If they say anything really hilarious in the future I will let you know. Also, I have included a clip from my favorite episode. And Ellie is THE best.

Cougar Town Quotes:
1. Laurie [to Jules for picture]: Arch your back and stick out your chest
Ellie: And say classy!

2. Ellie [to Andy]: Listen half pint, I'm not gonna thank you for things you're supposed to do. If I did I'd have to start thanking you for killing bugs and supporting me.

3. Ellie: Racist Uncle or Drug Dealer Uncle?
Jules: Racist Uncle. Drug Dealer Uncle is now Prison Uncle.
Ellie: Oh right, because of Detective Cousin.

4. Laurie: Hey Grayson, if you were at a BBQ playing drinking games with your buds would you chug a girls beer and hug her sweetly from behind without trying to cop a feel if you weren't in love with her?
Grayson: Please stop coming to my bar.

5. Grayson: When women get older, it's icky. When men get older, it's adorable. It's my favorite double standard.
Jules: Yeah, I'm not a huge fan.

6. Jules: Good morning! I've been up for hours
Grayson: I had eggs for breakfast
Jules: What?
Grayson: Oh I'm sorry, I thought we were sharing incredibly boring facts about each other.

7. Jules: I'm guessing the boy I flashed goes to your school
Travis: Yes he does
Jules: Is he single? ... Kidding! Why don't you ever laugh at my jokes?
Travis: Because they make me sad.

8. Travis: I'm sure it's not that bad, let me see.
Barb: No! Innocence should be lost in the bedroom... or on a commercial cruise liner.

so much love.


  1. This is why I can't watch it on a regular basis! If I do I'll get sucked in and I already have too many shows!

  2. KELLY! It is SO worth your time!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!! :)