Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Stages of Love (in the Media)

In my class, we talked about how there are media stages that one has to go through when wanting to get to know someone better. I am pretty positive that it was this: (and if not, I think that this is pretty darn accurate anyway)

So, you meet someone briefly, and they seem cool so you want to get to know them. Now you,
1. Add them as a friend on facebook. Sooner if you have mutual friends, because that is obviously how you found them (I was looking at Sarah's page, and saw you wrote on her wall last month!)

2. You like their status. This is good because it means you are recognizing the facebook friendship, but you could have easily just seen their status in your newsfeed, and "liked" it, you definitely weren't stalking their profile!

3. Facebook chat. Once you break the facebook boundary, you can have a conversation over fb chat. What a wonderful little tool. You can even say something about how funny thier status was, how true you thought it to be.

4. Over facebook chat, or possibly a message, you can now move on to GETTING THEIR NUMBER. This is a huge step, and it is a tricky one, because you usually have to have a reason. Few people just ask for it straight up- that is usually socially awkward.

5. Texting. Texting is where its at. Once you feel comfortable texting a guy about a random thing, this means your relationship is finally developing. However, it is a tough call when to draw the line on creepy texts, and what hour the texts are sent (3AM- not okay).

6. CALLING THEM ON THE PHONE- this is one of the most bold things a person can do nowadays. And I am talking about calling for basically no reason, or making up a reason just so you can talk to them. Not if you legitimately need to talk to them. We so rarely just chat to people over the phone now, especially if we are interested in them. So, this step shows real initiative.

Now, for some people, the hang out comes before all 6 steps, which is fine. But the 6 steps still happen before you are "in a relationship".
Most people say that if someone goes out of order, it seems socially awkward. . . What do you think!?


  1. so, true and sad that we have been reduced to that. haha I think hanging out could be both the beginning and the end. Like when you meet the person that initial time you know?

  2. I hate texting. I have actually never used facebook this way to start a relationship. I prefer the casual run-ins, or group occasions, especially if you do know them through a friend, or group of friends. It'll get things go way faster, and asking someone out over Facebook is always lame.

  3. And that, Katelyn, is why you are married :)